Our Process

Getting the Home of Your Dreams
If the architect is the composer, Shapiro Pertnoy is the conductor of the myriad elements involved in orchestrating a construction project. Coordinating the many subcontractors and suppliers, we excel in directing the professionals who are involved in the project including engineers, designers, landscape architects and others. We also play the essential role of conduit between the work, workers and those for whom the work is being produced.

A best case scenario for clients planning a new home or renovation is to involve the Shapiro Pertnoy Team as early in the process as possible. This enables the client and design team to take full advantage of our skills in price-value engineering and our experience with construction materials, conditions and scheduling, all services we typically provide at no cost to the client.

Once designs are approved, a Project Manager and his/her team are designated and the process begins. Our team members consist of Principals and staff, with many years of experience in smoothly expediting the construction process through completion. Our outstanding reputation for customer satisfaction stems from three elements: proper planning, constant communication and a culture of unwavering dedication to the happiness of the client.

Whomever You Choose, Do This First!

• Meet the key members of the team that will be working on your project. Comfort and chemistry with the members of your team is essential to keep a project flowing most expeditiously. Construction projects can last a long time. The trust you have in your team must last from beginning to completion and almost always, for years beyond.

• See the Builders’ work. Everyone’s idea of what world-class means is defined by their own world. Make sure theirs is yours.

• Learn your Builder’s history with his customers. Get a list of 5-10 of his most recent clients and talk to each. You may want to talk to his decades-old clients for gauging follow-up performance. Ask the hard questions about personalities, trust, communications, achieving the best price and value for the client and those other issues that are important to you in a sustained relationship. Price, while often the primary criterion for choosing a builder, should be only one of the key elements in making the ultimate decision as to who is best suited for you.

Keep in mind that your relationship with your builder will likely last as long as the building(s) remains yours, if not longer. Make the proper, informed decision with a company you can count on indefinitely. Then, sit back and enjoy the experience!