Commercial Construction

There is no commercial project too big or too small for the Shapiro Pertnoy Companies. From a five tenant strip shopping center to a 500 acre corporate park, their attention to detail, honed from decades in the custom home business, is readily apparent in all of their commercial buildings. Their mission to find the best value for their customers is also part and parcel of every project they undertake, whether it’s an office building, tenant improvement or renovation.

Principals Steven Shapiro and Ronnie Pertnoy built Wellington’s Commerce Park, and it proved itself a gateway to the diversification of the Shapiro Pertnoy Companies’ real estate interests. “Everyday as we lived and breathed building houses for affluent people, we were also quietly developing a variety of commercial projects around South Florida,” Pertnoy explained. “At one time, while building some of the most noteworthy homes in the region, we built, owned, operated and managed over 500,000 square feet of warehouse, retail and office buildings.”

The Shapiro Pertnoy Companies truly shine as a commercial builder because their experience stems from building residences. This experience allows for a more sophisticated and finer style of commercial property. “To build a warehouse for somebody is a fairly simple thing. Most builders can do that with their eyes closed,” Shapiro stated. “In order to finish a Class A office for a tenant with high-end finish requirements, one requires skills beyond the average commercial builder. We draw on our years of luxury residential finishing to produce a finer finished product. We have always been able to balance both aspects of the building industry.”

The Shapiro Pertnoy Companies have built and owned scores of buildings in South Florida, where the tropical climate plays an important role in a building’s maintenance and longevity. When built with a specific plan for the durability and long-term health of buildings, buildings can last for many many decades. Pertnoy adds, “We learned very early on that one can build a building inexpensively and then deal with the cost of maintenance and conditioning requirements over the years of ownership. Or one can build for the long haul, as we did knowing that we would own many of these buildings for decades. Between our durability plan and a proper maintenance program, we saved serious dollars over the many years of ownership.”

Shapiro & Pertnoy along with their sons, see their role as Team Leader in the planning, design, value-engineering and construction of buildings for clients. Gathering the proper professionals, designers and vendors starts very early in the process. Josh Pertnoy points out, “It’s the Team Leader’s responsibility to orchestrate the many elements and personalities of the work in order to keep our clients’ budgets and schedules in check and the client fully aware of the project status.” Most clients desire a one-stop shop where all of the elements of the project can be organized and administered by a capable Builder as Team Leader who serves as the client’s advocate. “The success of a project is usually gauged by the satisfaction level of our clients. We work very hard to keep that level at the highest possible point. Constant communication between the Builder and the client is key to the success of the project and ultimately, an excellent client satisfaction level.”

The Shapiro Pertnoy Companies most recently completed a 10,000 square foot medical renovation for the Medical Center of the Palm Beaches and a 10,000 square foot clubhouse and private gun club as well as a 7,500 square foot service building for the South Florida Shooting Grounds as well as a 15,000 square foot office building. No matter the commercial construction need, the Shapiro Pertnoy Companies can do it all.