The Shapiro Pertnoy Companies Continue to Shape and Influence Wellington

Wellington, FL – June 1, 2012 – The Shapiro-Pertnoy Companies have come off of the 2012 season with business booming. Over the last 34 years, the multi-generation business has achieved the highest level of accomplishment in not only custom luxury home building, but also in the development of commercial properties. The name and reputation still rings true as Wellington residents have migrated to Shapiro-Pertnoy for their homes, barns, completing renovations and beginning commercial projects.

Principals Steven Shapiro, Ronnie Pertnoy, Kevin Shapiro and Josh Pertnoy have always worked diligently at consistently putting their clients’ best interests at the forefront—building with value, durability and luxury in mind. The Shapiro-Pertnoy Companies were the first single-family builder in Palm Beach Polo & Country Club in Wellington. They have been a monumental force throughout Palm Beach County, over the last three decades in the growth of both its residential and commercial industries. Their expertise and customer advocacy makes them a prime candidate for the seasonal resident, and they have become well known as a trusted builder.

“At the start of the season, people had seen our work and they knew our name, but they didn’t necessarily know our faces or how well we understand their seasonal situation,” Steven elaborated. “There are a lot of challenges involved with building or renovating a Wellington-based home, but we understand the importance of communication and use our expertise to make them comfortable. They know their house is in good hands while they are absent.”

The Shapiro-Pertnoy Companies have been in the construction business for 34 years, creating relationships through their philosophy that the customer must always be happy. They use value as one of the most fundamental building blocks to running their business, using numerous subcontractors and shopping around until they find the best value. The market prices are constantly differing within each discipline and category, but Ronnie, and his son Josh, work together to find the best prices.

“People continue to use us years after the completion of their house, and there is a reason for that,” Josh explained. “Steven and my father worked really hard to build a business based on trust and value. Our customers always know we will go to the fullest extent to keep them satisfied with their homebuilding experience.”

“We differ from other luxury homebuilders because our focus is on keeping the customer happy,” Shapiro said. “Building is a complex undertaking, you have to think of it as being married to that family for a sustained period. You want to make that experience a happy one. We continue to do this, even when seasonal residents are away. They know they can trust us, and we always keep open communication.”

The Shapiro-Pertnoy Companies understand the seasonal Wellington resident, and put in the time, energy and resources required to build their client’s vision in their absence. They currently are in the construction process with one renovation, and working on several future projects including two barns, a new custom home and another renovation. Cumulatively, the two generations of principals creates over 60 years of family business knowledge and luxury building.

“I grew up in Wellington, it’s where our roots are, and our families have continued to act as a major influence in the community throughout my childhood and into adulthood,” Kevin explained. “We understand Wellington, mainly because we have been a part of it for so long. We understand our clients, and we stick true to our promise of respect and integrity.”

The Shapiro-Pertnoy Companies are pleased to have had such a wonderful season, and to have begun to build continued relationships with new clients from the equestrian lifestyle. For more information regarding the Shapiro-Pertnoy Companies and their advertisements, magazine articles, awards and recognitions, and press releases, please visit their updated website at