The Shapiro-Pertnoy Companies Prepare for the MLK Day of Service As Volunteers Prepare to Fulfill Dreams

Wellington, FL – January 11, 2012 – For over 30 years, the Principals of the Shapiro-Pertnoy Companies have made charitable activity an integral part of both their business and personal lives. Most of this philanthropy was done in their usual unassuming style, without fanfare. However, two years ago, cousins Josh Pertnoy and Kevin Shapiro, Principals of the West Palm Beach based real estate company, decided to offer an outlet to perform social action for others. The cousins developed the Shapiro-Pertnoy Martin Luther King Day of Service. This Monday, January 16, 2012, will be the third annual event.

It was brought to Josh and Kevin’s attention that a Royal Palm Beach resident was stricken by ailments resulting from a neck surgery. The consequences of the surgery left her with minimal use of her arms and legs, and confined to a wheelchair. “It is our goal to take some of the pressure off of this family, let them focus on what is really important, and let us take care of the work,” Kevin explained.
The Shapiro-Pertnoy Companies, a group of volunteers and many of the companies’ subcontractors will work the day at this home to help make it easier to maneuver in a wheel chair. Josh and Kevin recently visited the residence, and determined the adjustments that will need to be made. Improvements include widening doors, expanding the shower and building wheelchair ramps. Volunteers will also have the opportunity to take part working with their hands to complete house maintenance tasks, something which the family has not had the opportunity to focus on since their attention has shifted to the health and well-being of their family member.

The Shapiro-Pertnoy MLK Day of Service has gained momentum over the last couple years with more participants volunteering with each new endeavor. “We have been fortunate to have friends, family, and business relationships with people who care as much about community service as we do and are always there to help when called upon for this event,” Josh stated.

The past two events have been directed at group homes for disabled adults. The homes were painted, landscaped, securitized by fence and one home beautified with the construction of an exterior trellis for the residents to enjoy the outdoors.

The Shapiro-Pertnoy Companies quietly serve in-need residents of the community throughout the year; however, this annual event was created for the participants as well as those being helped. Josh and Kevin’s desire for this event is to lead others to serve, and due to that service, see social action grow exponentially.