Phelps Media Group, Inc. Welcomes The Shapiro/Pertnoy Companies to Client Roster

Wellington, FL – November 19, 2011 – Phelps Media Group Inc., (PMG), a leading public relations firm in the equestrian industry, is pleased to announce that the Shapiro-Pertnoy Companies have joined its expanding list of clients. The Shapiro-Pertnoy Companies have been vividly influencing the South Florida landscape for 34 years, designing and building luxury residential estates, communities and state-of-the-art commercial properties. Founders and Co-Presidents, Steven Shapiro and Ronnie Pertnoy, work in tandem with each of their sons, Kevin Shapiro and Josh Pertnoy, to provide an unparalleled standard of service and excellence.

“Having the Shapiro-Pertnoy Companies as our most recent client is an ideal situation,” President of Phelps Media Group, Inc. Mason Phelps remarked. “Not only does each and every one of them have integrity and a true understanding for what it takes to succeed, but they also know how to create an upscale product that is both comfortable and luxurious. We are proud to be a part of their extended family.”
Cousins Steven and Ronnie founded Shapiro-Pertnoy Companies in 1978 with a vision to provide an unrivaled customer experience and a product that strives to be better than the best. Their philosophy was produced from a somewhat eccentric foundation—the hippie fashion retail industry. Both of their fathers worked together as partners in the retail world, which eventually opened Steven and Ronnie’s eyes to the importance of experiential service, style, visual presentation and customer relationships. The pair learned on their journey for perfection in a competitive market that the key to success was offered in an ultimately better experience.

Their experience allowed for them to encompass the same defining qualities when creating their small empire. Joined by the young blood of their sons, the company is truly an exception to the norm. The two generations of builders strives to achieve nothing but perfection when it comes to construction, development, capital investments and leasing. Each member of the Shapiro-Pertnoy Companies brings something different to the table, therefore allowing their customers to have a well-rounded and thorough experience.

The Shapiro-Pertnoy Companies have been one of the leading faces in the development industry in Wellington, FL. Using their progressive ideas, Ronnie and Steven developed the first industrial park of the city over the expanse of 41 acres, were the first builders on the Island located off of Forest Hill Blvd., and was the first single-family home builder in 1981 to begin the luxury designs and construction of the Palm Beach Polo and Country Club. However, the days of building modest single-family homes evolved into a multitude of projects.

The housing market took off for the Shapiro-Pertnoy Companies, often led by a name and reputation that took the region by storm. As a result, they were the first builder to break the $250,000 home barrier, and later to break the $500,000 barrier as well. Nowadays, it is not unlikely to see several Shapiro-Pertnoy homes under construction with price tags over $10 million.

Although their clients are among some of the most prosperous in the world, the Shapiro-Pertnoy Companies understands the desire for value when building their home, a trait that has allowed for mutual respect and trust to grow. The company prides itself on honesty, integrity, passion, transparency and relationships. After branching outside of Wellington many years ago to develop the north end of the county through both the development of luxury housing and commercial properties, Shapiro-Pertnoy have returned to make its mark.